Performer Code of Conduct

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These guidelines are in place to ensure the quality and integrity of our site and its performers. Please read them carefully. Violation of any of these guidelines can result in suspension or permanent closure of your account with

Only Registered Performers On Each Account

You are in fact the individual registered to the account and displayed in the profile. Accounts may NOT be recycled, shared or borrowed. Accounts found to host people other than the ones registered to the site will be closed immediately and payment will be withheld.

Age Documents Must Be Submitted For All Performers

By appearing live you are verifying that you are 18 years of age and have submitted all proper documentation and age verification forms to perform on the site. Only individuals who have submitted documentation and have been approved to perform may appear on cam. Accounts with performers who have not submitted documentation will be closed permanently.

Live chat code of conduct

Performer agrees that s/he will not violate any law concerning obscenity. Performer shall not portray depictions of sex involving any person under the age of eighteen (18) years of age, rape, incest, bestiality, fisting, necrophilia, any form of minor activity, urination and/or defecation.

Promotion Of Other Sites Is Not Allowed

Promotion of other sites either by chat or text - this will result in permanent termination of your account and payment will be withheld. DO NOT promote other sites on

Do Not Solicit Personal Contact With Customers

While in chat, it is inappropriate to solicit for escort, prostitution or personal contact with customers. That includes exchanging emails, addresses, online chat IDs (Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, etc.). Accounts found to be participating in this type of activity will be terminated and payments will be withheld. Your Account Will Be Closed For Fraudulent Activity*

Fraudulent activity* of any sort will not be tolerated - should your account receive numerous complaints, chargebacks or reports for fraud, your account will be terminated on the first offense and payments will be withheld. reserves the right to terminate any account at any time for any reason if fraud is suspected. *Fraudulent activity is defined as any activity on the site that results in complaints, chargebacks, or is deemed inappropriate by Staff.

Account Termination

If you are no longer using your account, the account must be closed. Inactive accounts will be archived after a specific amount of time and cannot be recovered. performer accounts can be terminated based on performance level or quality. Performers should strive to maintain a reasonable performance level of time in paid chat vs time on line.

Rule Amendments We reserve the right to add to or amend any rule/guideline as it becomes necessary.

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